Single Lace - 40% off

Single Lace - 40% off

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Merino Single Lace / Merino+Yak+Silk Single Lace


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Merino Single Lace - 100% superwash Merino

Merino+Yak+Silk Single Lace - 60% superwash Merino + 20% Yak + 20% Silk

Both yarn types have 800m per 100 gr skein.

Soft and luxurious yarn, great to knit double stranded and/or with a strand of Mohair+Silk.

All the listed skeins came from the same dye bath, however due to nature of hand dyeing, no two skeins are exactly the same. 
It is recommended to alternate between two skeins for big projects.
This yarn is machine washable, but hand wash is always recommended to extend the life of your knitted item.
I take great care in photographing my yarns, but please keep in mind that colour may vary on different monitors.