Natural sock minis

Natural sock minis


Natural dyed sock minis

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This is a limited edition non superwash Merino+Cashmere+Nylon sock yarn.

composition: 70% 19 micron superfine Merino - 20% Cashmere - 10% nylon

Each mini skein weight around 20g for 85m length.

Colourways are, looking at the first photo, from left to right:

Nettle, Avocado, Red onion skin, Gold onion skin, Avocado+Onion, Pomegranate skin, Fern.

Dyed with plants only, and no added chemicals

Perfect for socks or scrap granny blankets, or to add accents to any project.

It is a soft and plump yarn, works great for socks, but it is perfect for any project, from shawls to sweaters to baby knits.

Natural dyed colors are sensible to ph and light. Hand wash with a delicate and neutral soap, and lay flat to dry, far from sunlight.

All the listed sets came from the same dye bath, however due to nature of hand dyeing, no two are exactly the same. 
It is recommended to alternate between two skeins for big projects.
I take great care in photographing my yarns, but please keep in mind that colour may vary on different monitors.