Linee cowl and shawl yarn kit

Linee cowl and shawl yarn kit

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LINEE is the Italian word for lines, as the piece is knitted in different textured patterns which create different kind of lines, transitioning from horizontal lines of garter stitch to vertical lines of ribbing. 
It was inspired by some lovely drawings I found online, made by children at school, when learning about lines in geometry lessons.

LINEE shawl is an asymmetrical one-skein shawl knitted flat from tip to tip, LINEE is the twin brother and it is knitted bottom up in the round.

Both are knitted in a fade effect, with a 5 mini skeins gradient set, with a different textured stitch pattern and color used for each section. It is easy but entertaining to knit! It will look great knitted dark to light as well as light to dark, but you can also use 5 different colors, or just one, and let the stitches do all the work!

The textured stitches used transition from horizontal lines of garter stitch, to horizontal zig zag lines, to diagonal lines, to vertical zig zag lines, and end up with the vertical lines created by 1x1 ribbing.

Shawl - 1 Mini Gradient set in colourway Dandelion. 

Cowl - 1 Mini Gradient set in colourway Laine. 

Patterns available in my Ravelry store.